Book Review #8

Invisible by Ceicily Anne Paterson:

Jazmine Crawford can shut the world out anytime she wants. She doesn’t want to make friends, decisions, or choices. She just wants to be invisible. One day, a girl named Shalini, started sitting at Jazmine’s spot for lunch. Jazmine gets involved in whatever Shalini and her friends are doing. When Shalini didn’t get the part she wanted in the school play, she and the others decide to trash the drama room. Jazmine didn’t have anything to do with it but she was seen at the room. Since she didn’t help trash the room, she has the chance to help Miss Fraser in the upcoming production of The Secret Garden or face four weeks of suspension. Miss Fraser clinches the decision. She says that she believes in Jazmine and that Jazmine can do it. Jazmine joins the play. The play starts out pretty well. Liam, Jazmine’s crush, is in the play and she makes friends with him and his friends. Angela, who plays Mary, quit the play and Miss Fraser asks Jazmine to take her place to play Mary, the main role. Her fate changes after Shalini comes back and she’s out for payback. She tries to make Jazmine quit the play and go back to how she was before. Will Jazmine stand up to Shalini and have the strength to face the truth about her father’s death?


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