Book Review #34 -Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

So I guess I’m pretty obsessed with books written by Cassandra Clare. Well, Clockwork Prince is the second book of The Infernal Devices, first is Clockwork Angel. Mortamain(sorry if I spelled it wrong) is gone missing and Benedict Lightwood challenges Charlotte that if they don’t find Mortamain in 10 days(or 7), he gets the London Institute. Tessa is in a love triangle with Jem and Will, but ends up picking one. The one she picks is engaged to her. Will goes through some personal difficulties throughout the book, which brings Magnus Bane in the story. Charlotte, Henry, and the others find some shocking secrets featuring Jessamine, Nate(he dies <- spoiler), Mortamain, and Benedict Lightwood. Gideion(spelled it wrong) Lightwood and Sophie form a special relationship and Charlottle is expecting a baby boy! I’m such a spoiler…


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