So this weekend was actually eventful for once! To start it off, I went to karate and got ready for the soccer tournament. We one the first game, but not the second. I got BOMBSHELLED in the second and have a bruise on my hand from cleats. My whole face was feeling sick and ready to crash, but my brain wasn’t. After we came back, I washed up and went to a movie. BIG HERO 6 WAS THE BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER!!! I could give you a lot of spoilers, but I won’t since I’m nice. Then on Sunday evening, I went to Rockin’ Jump and obviously jumped a lot. It’s really hard to play basketball and it’s pretty expensive… After 45 minutes of fun (we didn’t even stay a full hour), we picked my sister from her friend’s house. Her friend’s brother goes to my school..I’m I the only person who thinks this is kinda creepy!! Anyways, we had a 4-day weekend (NO ONE GETS THOSE!!) because Veteran’s Day(TODAY), was on a Tuesday. It seemed logical, I guessed. So for the two extra days, I just did math problems (HEY! MY MOM MADE ME! I HATE MATH ANYWAYS) and watched EARTH TO ECHO!! Badly filmed, but great movie. If anything happens that’s eventful, you know what I’m going to do…


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