Christmas Time!!

Hey guys!! I’m totally in the Christamas spirit, even though it’s 19 days away. I’m going to start a thing called Music Favorites of the Month (listening to The Heart Wants What It Wants by the way) and I’ll pick a few of my book review of that month and pick a favorite. What are you guys doing for Christmas? I’m going to Legoland and Sea World (roadtrip!!). Finally going to be close to LA (i think we are passing it though)!! I actually painted my nails (rarely do that). I painted them red and sea foam and lavender on my pinkie and thumb. I spotted the ones I painted red and sea foam with the opposite color (not lavender). That was very descriptive… I also read a book about snow, even though it doesn’t snow in CA. It actually snows north, but it’s near Orgeon <can’t spell. HOPE YOU GUYS ARE EXCITED AND HAVE A EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! now listening to I’m not the only one by Sam Smith.


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