Book Review #80- Story Thieves by James Riley

 Bethany is half-fictional. She can jump into books. Wait, what? When Owen finds this out, he plans to go to one of the books in his favorite series calles Kiel Gnomenfoot. Owen thinks this is a good idea, since Bethany has been looking for her father, who is fictional and got lost into a book by accident caused by Bethany. But it doesn’t turn out as planned. Owen changed the storyline of the book and told the main characters (Magister and Keil) that they are not real and that they’re part of a book. The Magister turns out to be an evil wizard and plans to put everyone in the real world in the fictional world and the people in the fictional world in the real world. This book was super good. The book ended with a little clifhanger, I guess, and I really want this author to make a second book and make this into a series. Well, I’ll be waiting for 2016 then.


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