Summer Vacation 2015!

Hey guys, sorry for not being active for a long time. I’ve been really busy!

I did many things this summer.

  • Coding Camp: I went to a coding camp for two weeks up in UC Berkeley, which was very exhausting because I had to wake up at six and come back at four. We created an app and learned Python, which is a coding language.
  • Choreographed dances: I taught a group of 5-8 a dance to Indian Bollywood songs at my tutor’s summer camp. At the final performance, I got a pack of Lindor’s…lol
  • Netflix!!: So school got out, so obviously I was going to catch up on my television. I watched 12 seasons in total and finished the shows Gossip Girl and Raising Hope. I feel very proud!
  • Algebra and French: I’m really bad at math and I always fall behind, so my mom’s genius idea was to start Algebra 1, so I knew a basis of the stuff my teacher was going to teach.. I used BYU courses to do the course and I finished Algebra, but not French.. French is obviously hard if you only now Bonjour and Au Revior.

Anyways, I hope all you are having a nice transition from summer to school!


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