September Birthdays <3

Hey guys!

This week would be normally be boring, but my sister’s birthday was yesterday, the 10, and my BFF’s today! I just came back and it was awkward, but very funny. It was basically a dinner/dance party and my friends tried to salsa and when they twirled, they bumped into each other. It is very hilarious… Yesterday was just my sister’s neighborhood friends over our house, but my other best friend showed up and he helped me with math… And he’s a grade younger than me, so I just felt sad.

One of my friends asked me if I would ever start a youtube channel. Well yeah, I would. It’s every teenage girl’s dream now ; to start a very successful youtube channel. But I can’t afford it, you would have to buy editing software, a good lens/camera, and be very creative on your content. It’s hard to have a standing out idea that someone else has done..

My birthday is actually this month, which is super exciting!! I hope all of you are having a really great transition from summer to fall (Fall is my favorite season)!


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