A really surprising weekend

Yes I know its Saturday, but my mom toke my laptop away and I might as well write when I can.

I came home from school yesterday, while most of my friends were at the dance..and my cousin from LA showed up. They were visiting us because they came up for a wedding, and the fun part? MANI-PEDIS! *glances at nails* I have never gotten a pedicure before and I got a manicure like once, so I was pretty excited. I got my toes baby pink and my nails a white gel manicure, which is pretty cool cause it lasts for 2 weeks and it doesn’t rub off or anything. Then we went for dinner and then came Netflix…. I’m currently watching How to get away with Murder, and it’s one of those law court type shows. I never watched one of those and I’m literally obsessed with it, like we all knew who killed Lila Stangard….

So today is just a very flexible day, with my sister’s birthday party in the evening.. My mom’s cuz came over and I still can’t get over the fact that they are 10 years apart, like what just happened… My birthday was last weekend and two of my best friends that I’ve known for ever. Not even kidding guys, and we are all one year apart. So I’m in eighth and my friends are in seventh and ninth…

Anyways, how is your guys’ weekend?



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