Book Review #89- The Kidney Hypothetical by Lisa Yee

Rate from 1-10: 10

Reason: This book was funny, romantical ( yeah i know its not a word), and a mystery all at the same time. Most books that are mysteries and have romance aren’t that funny, but this one was, which is why I liked the book so much. My favorite character in this book was Monarch aka someone i can’t say or else it would be a spoiler alert because she was such a daredevil and risk-taking.

Summary: Higgs Boson Bing has seven days left before his perfect high school career is completed. Then it’s on to Harvard to fulfill the fantasy portrait of success that he and his parents have cultivated for the past four years. Four years of academic achievement. Four years of debate championships. Two years of dating the most popular girl in school. It was, literally, everything his parents could have wanted. Everything they wanted for Higgs’s older brother Jeffrey, in fact.
But something’s not right. And when Higgs’s girlfriend presents him with a seemingly innocent hypothetical question about whether or not he’d give her a kidney . . . the exposed fault lines reach straight down to the foundations of his life. . . .
(Good reads)


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