Hauls and Sprained Arms

So “fall” came. Not really.

I went shopping, AGAIN, and I could do a haul video if I wanted toooo. But I’m not even kidding, my closet is filled with new clothes for  “fall” because fall is totally here. If you live in California, the weather gets really mean and changes like all the time. So being my stupid self, I wore a sweater and by the time I was in PE, it was hella hot and I just died.. and I have PE third period. (really basic life problems)

Speaking of PE, being my stupid self AGAIN, I sprained my forearm playing volleyball. I know very smart right.

And I will give you guys a Netfilx update. I think I left off here on How To Get Away With Murder. After I finished that one season, I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and now I’m watching Friends. well i’m really lonely…

If you guys didn’t know, Revival came out (Selena’s new album), and I really love it! My favorite song is Sober and Kill em with Kindness.

QOTD: Is it fall season where you live?


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