Your guide to enjoy fall! 2015

So fall has officially begun in November, which is pretty late here in California.. Here are some tips that I use and have learned to enjoy this season!

Fall Outfits:

Fall Outfit Ideas | Lookbook 2015

The youtuber is Kayln Nicholson and she has a ton of fall videos on her channel. I think she lives somewhere warm, since all of her outfits showed a little skin, so probably not school appropriate. You can always switch out things for something appropriate.

School Appropriate Outfit

Hope this one will help a little bit!

Fall Drinks:

Instead of going to Starbucks a million times for their fall/winter themed lattes, just make them at home!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I liked this website and this drink because even though it’s dairy free and can be sugar free (if wanted), the drink is pretty good.

9 Starbucks Recreated Drinks at Home

This one includes all the famous ones at Starbucks, like the eggnog one or the caramel brûlée one! I’m so excited to try these out!

Fall Essentials:

When it’s cold outside or its raining, I like to cuddle up and watch some Netflix or Youtube. Here are some recommendations!

  • The Intern
  • Steve Jobs (if you feel inspired to watch something educational for a change)
  • Christmas with the Kranks (just because ppl love Christmas)
  • Maid in Manhatten (a 2002 movie starring Jlo aka Jennifer Lopez)

And there are also a few things you should have in you bag, purse, or car:

  1. Chapstick- the cold=chapped lips 😦
  2. Lotion- dry hands can be very irritating
  3. Cough Drops and Tynol- the flu is coming so better to be prepared then die in class or in work
  4. Sweater or Jacket- this is kinda obvious, but you might need an extra layer depending on your outfit for the day
  5. Candles- go take your annual trip to Bath and Body Works cause what else is comfier than candles in your room

Fall DIYs:

There are many YouTubers out there who make fall DIYs, but they can often be similar or the same as other ones.

  • Stick Jar– basically glue sticks to a glass or a jar, they can be any size or you can break off the ends if you want a nice look
  • Wood Plaque Sign– cover the plaque with chalkboard paint and you are pretty much done. Just write whatever you want on the sign, and personally, it looks cute in my room. 🙂
  • Leaves– there are many different types of things you can do with leaves but if you’re lazy like me you can arrange them in a pattern and stick them on the wall. You can also put it in a frame and spray paint them. With leaves, anything you do will look cute.
  • Fall themed cards– stick leaves (I used ones from outside) on a piece of paper after folding the paper in a card form or envelope form. This toke 5 min. and it gives off this really cool subtle, fall vibe (that’s probably just me)

This is something I normally don’t post, but I wanted to be spontaneous and just do it. And happy Veteran’s day, since that’s tomorrow. 🙂

~ Nitz ❤


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