Tea and Trips

IMG_3939 I don’t normally drink tea, but I was like I might as well try this. Last week I went to UC Berkeley as part of my class trip. My elective this year is AVID, which basically is a college prep, organization, and a helpful (academic wise) class. As part of the college prep, we went to UC Berkeley, and it was so educational and very inviting. We were mainly near the Sproul Hall Plaza, where the green gate from Monster’s University is and the admissions office. I had already had my mind set on UC Berkeley, and I realized that my goals had to be bigger if I wanted to get in. My friend and I actually had this little thing where we would go to UC Cal, take journalism, and live in an apartment or dorm together. I live in the Bay Area, so it’s a very competitive area for colleges. I’m in eighth grade, and some of my classes are like a college class. Well, the teaching part.. This picture was actually part of my lunch, and we were actually playing Never Have I Ever, and it was with my friends, who I bonded with more. Now we are a little bit closer, and it’s always great to be close with your friends, right.  Oh and the tea was better than Starbucks iced tea, so that’s a plus.


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