Winter Break Day #1

Yesterday, winter break started !! It was a half day, and we got out at 12:13 (yay). My friends came over and we went to the Prolific Oven, where we had lunch and opened presents. In the second picture were all the things my two besties gave me (brow kit,5 lip glosses, eyeshadow palette, a brush set, and a mascara set). This year I’m actually doing something blog post worthy, so I decided why not post everyday about my day.

In the evening, I went to my family friend’s book release. The book is basically a book of poems, but they are in Hindi. The event lasted 4 hours, so that was funn… After we came home, my sibling wanted to watch a Christmas movie, and I literally fell asleep in the beginning (ugh).

Tyme for Tea (the place we went to first) 

Christmas gifts from my friends 


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