New Year Resolutions 2016

It’s finally here– 2016!! And everyone starts making a list of their resolutions. Last year, one of mine was to start eating healthier, and I’m proud to say I have made my own version of a salad and I’m loving it ! I think it’s very important to make goals and actually work at it, and it will be so much better when you accomplish that goal !

  1. Write more on both of my blogs and create better content.

What I mean by this is more consistent uploading of posts and different content instead of just book reviews or pictures (not that I don’t enjoy that). I want to expand my mind into different varieties of writing and have a goal of at least posting 2-3 times a week.

2.  Excercising more.

I want to be healthy and when birthdays or holidays come around, I want to be healthy enough to not question everything thing I’m eating. I know everyone practically has this on their lists, but this is something I’m serious about and I’m going to high school next year and I want to able to not be a slacker when it comes to PE. I want to also improve my mile times and just get in shape for the sports I play.

3. Study !!

This is something that is top priority. I am trying to come up with ways or finding ways to efficiently study better and feel confident about my grades. Don’t worry I’m not getting F’s or anything; I just want to be able to understand all the material I’m learning and use that on the tests.

Well these are basically my big, top priority resolutions, and maybe I will add more to it. I hope this motivated some of you to make worthy and thought out resolutions for 2016! Happy New Year !


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