Book Review #101- If Only by Richard Paul Evans


First book review of the year!

Rate from 1-10: 9

Reason:  I feel like when authors write about a love story in a historic time period, they talk about whats happening in the real world and half about the main characters. This book made me forget that it was set in 1960’s because it was written like a modern book (if that made any sense). Grace is a pregnant runaway and falls in love with the boy who helps her out. That could still happen today. It did talk about bombs for a little bit, but mainly focused on the romance. Overall, this would be a great read for romance lovers and kind of an adventurous lovers.


If only I could stay with you forever. I would.

Eric is having a hard time adjusting to his family’s move from California to Utah. Then he meets Grace—his classmate and a runaway—dumpster diving behind the burger joint where he works. Eric decides the only thing to do is to hide Grace in the clubhouse in his backyard.

With the adults concerned about the looming Cuban Missile Crisis and his father recovering from an immune disorder, Eric grows closer to Grace but can their new relationship survive the harsh realities of life?

In this poignant, sensitive, and realistic narrative, Richard Paul Evans shares Grace’s heartbreaking predicament and Eric’s realization that everything is not as simple as it might appear.


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