February Favorites 2016 | Nitz <3


Even though February is a short month, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a favorites post!

Over the course of this month, I feel like I’ve been getting into rap and hip hop more. My favorite rapper since the beginning of September ish is G-Eazy.

Favorite Songs (in general):

Tumblr Girls by G-Eazy

Plastic Dreams by G-Eazy, Johanna Fay

You and the 6 by Drake

All My Friends by Snakehips

Lush Life by Zara Larsson

These songs are the kind of songs that are always on repeat for me. I’m actually listening to one of them right now! I just wanted to throw this in; I GOT MY BRACES OFFF ! This was pretty exciting moment for me, even though it doesn’t seem as big..

I also went shopping a bit this month, and some of them ended up here..


When I saw Sephora, I basically dragged my friend in there because I had never been there before and I was in awe. Is that weird that? Probably is.. Anyways I got the shade Luster Matte, and since I have a medium skin tone, it looked like the subtle pink that I was looking for a long time.

The bag is from Brandy Melville. I basically spent my money on this and I think it was worth the $25 I paid. To some people that’s like okay, but I never have money, so this was “expensive” for me. I couldn’t find a good picture for this bag, but the bag stays up by itself and has gold accents (ugh I forgot what they are called..). I feel so professional carrying this and I don’t even know why.


Okay, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve token pictures of my shoes or told someone I LOVE THESE SHOES. I got them a few days ago, but it still counts ! If you were wondering, these are the maroon converse high tops, which I’ve been eyeing for about a year ish now. As you can probably tell, I toke this picture to enter the Journey’s gallery thingy…

Snow mint has probably been in my lotion collection for a year now, and I love the smell of this. I’ve been using it a lot lately and whenever I’m around people (that sounded like I’m a lonely person..), they’re like what’s that smell lmao it’s so good.. It obviously reminds me of winter and I love winter scents and I just don’t want to let gooo. !


I hope you liked this post and like this post if you want me to do more monthly favorites!



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