Study Tips 2016 |Nitz<3|

So instead of homework I’m here doing random stuff on the internet. That’s probably because I think I have finally tried some good studying ways that show on my test. My studying ways vary for each subject though.

Math : I take my old assignments and I redo them. The old assignment has corrections on it, and I feel like it really prepares me while covering everything.

Science: My teacher makes us take notes in class, so I take binder paper and start rewriting those notes. I also combine my friend’s notes, who has a different teacher because my teacher doesn’t cover everything.

PE: I sadly get tests in this subject, which is weird. My teacher usually gives us one assignment and I just redo that assignment. I also reread the outline of the sport we are playing.

History: This is probably the only subject where I study from the book. I usually do the section assessments in the book because History is my strong subject. If that doesn’t help, you can also review notes (assuming you take notes in class) or take notes from the book.

Language: I toke French over the summer and there were some tests I had to complete. I used Quizlet to do revise the words and their meanings.

I know that we only have 3 more months of school left and we all should finish off strongly! If you want more posts about school life, like this post ! Hopefully this helped you out.

~Nitz ❤


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