The Stages Of Becoming A Fan

Okay so I think I’m having this new obsession here: G-Eazy.

How I know this:

  • I put post notifications for his instagram
  • I got excited when he posted his snapchat
  • I always check his snapchat when I wake up
  • I compared my crush to him
  • I always tag my friends in his posts

Oh god, this seems like I have no life, but it’s weird I know. I had listened to his music before, it was just that I was listening to other artists too. But this month, if you check my Spotify, I listen to mainly G-Eazy, with an occasional Chris Brown or Selena Gomez.

So here are the stages of becoming a fan:

  1. First Hearing:

This is probably the first time (maybe in a long time) that you have heard of this artist. For me this was around June/July 2015, when I stumbled across “Tumblr Girls”.

2. Internet Stalking

So you have discovered this artist and you’re curious. When I listened to “Tumblr Girls”, I was like  “Wait who this guy and please be young enough”. Well he’s literally half my age, which um sucks. I do know a lot of girls call him Daddy, but uh nah. Anyways, I checked his Google pagey thing and that was about it.. I did go deeper afterwards I listened to more of his songs and was like he’s internet stalk worthy.

3. Replay

By now, you have listened to all this artist’s songs, and maybe know the words to a couple of their songs (all of the words). For me, the songs “Everything Will Be OK”, “Plastic Dreams”, “Tumblr Girls”, and “Lady Killers” are basically my “repeat” songs. Last month, I was listening to his 2012 album “Must Be Nice”, which was on replay.

4. Fan !

I really don’t have any creative names, so just roll with me okay. This stage for me recently happened this month. This is when all you basically listen to is that particular artist, and you know which song is which. You also probably follow some fanpages on Instagram or Twitter, and tag people on the artist’s page or the fanpage’s page. All your friends know about this artist and are probably tired of you playing that artist’s songs or talking about em all the time. Today I played some G- Eazy and I was literally jamming out, and then my friends were just staring at me because they don’t listen to him. Whatever, they’re missing out…

In elementary, I went through all these stages with Selena Gomez, and yes I still listen to her. My favorite album by her is  “Stars Dance” because I feel like singing and dancing everytime I hear that album. I created this blog in sixth grade, which was also the year when my Selena fan obsession grew bigger. If you look at my older posts, I posted really crappy edits (made by me) of her and other celebrities.


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