March Favorites 2016| Nitz <3|

Well hello there blog readers.. okay yeah I don’t know what I was saying either, but lets roll with it. I have been reaching for this stuff quite more often than usual and some stuff that was just brand new.

  1. Bella by illume: Sweet Sangria candleb8e09cd375de4f2a3c645e903692e84e The strange thing is that my candle is actually white, not red and the candle looks different than this one. Oh well.. This candle does take a long time to burn and the smell is strong but I’m not sick of it.

2. The Body Shop: Shea Body Butter

94183m_2_lAlthough this is a very thick lotion, it worked pretty well. I did like the strawberry one better because the smell was very nice and it wasn’t as thick. I’m kind of tempted to try out all of their other body butters and other products since I haven’t really tried out any of the Body Shops’s products before.

3. Music 🙂

I am always ready to venture out in the world of music and find something new. After watching one of Eva’s videos, she used one of the songs ( “Gold”) and I knew that song but didn’t know who it was by or the name. When I found out, I also started listening to her EP low kii savage and the six songs that are on there are really good.  So here are some songs that I listened to often this month:

Feels by Kiiara

Tennessee by Kiiara

You Got Me by G-Eazy

Random by G-Eazy

Order More by G-Eazy, Starrah

Drifting by G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Tory Lanez

I know that this isn’t much, but I try to pick the things I actually liked for the majority of the month.



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