Fall Tag 2016 !

Hey guys, long time no see! I was actually reading allofmebeauty‘s recent post, which was a tag. I haven’t actually done one of these, so I thought why not?


I’m actually a fall baby, I was born right before the fall time and I have always loved the fall.

  1. Favorite Fall Candle:  I really like the Sweet Sangria candle from the Bella by illume collection.
  2. Favorite Fall Clothing: GURL! Fall fashion is the best fashion! I think a nice sweater/jacket and leggings is what I would wear most days.
  3. Fuzzy socks or knee socks?: fuzzy socks. I don’t know bout you but knee socks are a little bit annoying to take off lol. But I like sliding around on the floors of my home with fuzzy socks on.
  4. Favorite Fall Food: This carrot sweet thing my grandma makes. She makes it around this season, so it makes the dish special. I don’t even know what this would be called in English, but I know it as “gajar halwa”.
  5. Halloween costume last year? I was a spy/FBI agent.. and I was 13 at the time lol. My friends and I have zero shame in going trick or treat/ bashing neighborhood parties. As a group we were, spy/FBI agent, Red Riding Hood, and a fairy of some sort…
  6. Favorite thing about fall? the coldness.. I live in North California, and it takes a while, but fall is so gorgeous. I love the weather honestly. It just means I can be look cute while feeling like I’m in a blanket (wait that might actually be winter..)
  7. Favorite Fall Drink: tbh i don’t really have one, but i do add a little bit of spices to my normal coffee, if that counts..
  8. Do you enjoy carving pumpkins? Yeah! I always mess mine up, but I love doing it with my family and friends man !
  9. Fall Playlist: I know a lot of people are getting into that christmas mood, but I’m more of the EDM style. If I’m feeling pretty festive, then some old (from like 2-5 years back lol) music and DANCE!
  10. Fall Traditions? I don’t feel like this counts as a tradition, but getting a group of my girls together and going to Halloween Haunt (a Halloween thing in Great America which is an amusement park). It gets scary, fun, and don’t go on Sundays (which would seem obvious but not to the girls who needed the experience).

and now I’m staring at everything in my room like fall has not thrown up in your room yet.. I hope everyone enjoys this time of year, since it’s just the preview of the real shit going down in winter!

~ Nitz ❤



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