How to be Productive over Spring Break!

Hello! My spring break just started, and I got this wave of “let me do nothing but eat and watch Netflix.” Although I should be relaxing over break, it does feel good to be somewhat productive.

  1. If there are any projects that are due right after spring break, start making a plan for the project (like what supplies are needed). I would start to break down the project and try to tackle some of the more time-consuming ones, like a writing piece.
  2. No projects? Try doing some homework or studying in the morning. It will probably make you feel like you accomplished something and still have the rest of the day to have fun!

Any AP test takers? Mid-terms? (Some schools probably have mid-terms after break) Instead of just looking and testing yourself from a textbook, there are also some online resources you can use.

  • Schmoop
  • Khan Academy
  • Kaplan Test Prep (more for SAT/ACT but it may be beneficial)

If you have any tips to share, feel free to do so!

(and yes I am counting writing this post to be somewhat productive!)

Bye for now!

~ Nitya ❤


Picture from Business News Daily.


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