Exploratorium: One of the best museums in SF

Last night, I had the joy to travel to San Francisco and check out the Exploratorium, an innovative museum. My family is a member of the museum, but it was our second time going there. One thing that I left the museum with is that they treated us well.

Walking in, they set up a variety of hands-on experiments for everyone to enjoy in the entry way.

The museum has six exhibits, which also includes the Tactile Dome.

  • Tinkering
  • Living Systems
  • Human Phenomena
  • Seeing and Listening
  • Outdoor Exhibits
  • Observing Landscapes

My favorite exhibit would be the Seeing and Listening one with all the cool, freaky experiments. There is just so much to learn about human perception, and I definitely would rather learn it doing experiments than reading it off of a text book.

So what are some member perks?

The museum hosted a member only night with a whole access to the museum for three hours. That sounded pretty cool to me, and we snatched up that chance last night.

There was also an area where kids could do little experiments, with seed bombs and making cucumbers into pickles. My favorite had to do with our tongue’s sweet receptors. Basically, I toke a pill (made from an African berry I believe), which altered my taste buds, so anything sour tasted sweet; anything that was already sweet tasted even sweeter.

Overall, my experience at the Exploratorium was a fun, relaxing one! Some things that I wish I had known about before going was that some experiments really play around with senses and that is probably not a good idea to go when sick.


an experiment in the entry way that reminded me of fortune tellers.


Featured image from exploratorium.tumblr

Picture in post from ilynitz


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