How to Get Into a State of Calmness


As a worrisome, anxious, busy person, I often find myself running around and not thinking straight. That lets other people receive the rage contained in me, which leads to big troubles. I know that I can’t be doing that any longer, so I had to find an outlet for myself. Hopefully, some of my experiences may be helpful with others.

  1. Karate (fighting in general)

Back in seventh grade, I was completely stressed out about grades. I didn’t really care about grades for myself, but more for my parents. That year was the time of tons of self-doubt. So I did something about it. I started to go more frequently to karate and that’s when I started to take it seriously. I got all of my anger and stress out.

2. Journaling

This is one coping mechanism that I’ve used before and recently started to get back to. I started writing in the color I feel (red pen for anger). Journaling makes me feel like a weight has been lifted and everything I had to say is out in the open.

These two things have been huge parts in my life, recently, but I have found other ways that helped me as well.

  1. Meditation music (especially before bed)
  2. playing a sport
  3. cleaning
  4. taking time/experimenting with makeup
  5. reading
  6. calling my friends/family
  7. planning
  8. doing crafts/DIYs

~ Nitya ❤


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