How to Make a Dreamboard – DIY

I spent the majority of my day working on this wonderful project! Making a dream board has been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, so spring break just seemed to be the perfect time to make one.

IMG_0346 First I made a list of what I wanted to put onto my board. It made it easier for me to know what to look for online when printing pictures.








IMG_0347 I found some images, printed them, and glued them onto pieces of cardstock.

Here are some really neat quote printables.  Free Printables







I decided that I wanted to add some color to the poster. I used the paints from Liquitex: Basics acrylics and the rose gold (or the murky color as it turns out) from Target.  IMG_0348

at last!

This is how my dream board turned out!


But if you are like me and wanted to put it on the wall…

I had to resort to screws because my poster board wasn’t flat enough to stick on the wall with ducktape/pushpins. The end result turned out very inspirational next to the pictures.


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