California’s Academy of Sciences: Impactful, yet fun

My time at the Academy of Sciences could be described as chill.

Coming to the museum, I felt open and at peace.

First stop: Getting the Junior Scientist Adventure backpack for my siblings

This arrangement the museum provided had my siblings at ease and they had more fun just searching around for the different activities.

Second Stop: Penguin Feeding and the African Hall

I did take a video of the scientist feeding the penguins, but I am not able to upload it on here, so check my Tumblr for it.

BUT I do have some cool facts for ya!

  • penguins have two layers of fins
  • sharks are not their predators
  • penguins actually have a membrane on their eyes that allows them to swim with their eyes to open (like us wearing goggles)

If I keep on writing about all the stops we made, this post would never end!

Heading out to SF and wanted to catch some planetarium shows? Well CAS has some for you!

The films shown to us were: Habitat Earth, Incoming!, and Tour of the Universe.

Habitat Earth is mainly about the ecosystems (especially around the Bay Area). It’s pretty eye catching for kids.

Incoming! is directed around meteriods/asteriosds, and unless the kid is pretty interested in astronomy, they’re probably going to get bored/sleepy.

Tour of the Universe felt similair to Incoming!, but it’s more about the galaxies. It boggled my mind around for sure.

One of my favorite exhibhits is the rainforest exhibit. It’s pretty humid in there to accustom all the species living in there. The butterflies were mesmerizing. I absolutely loved it in there, apart from feeling like I’m sweating. I have some videos of the butterflies drinking nectar, which will also be up on my Tumblr.

Overall, going to California’s Academy of Sciences was an eye opening experience for my siblings (ages 7 and 9) and an experience for me to test all my science knowledge (and then see it all in real life).

Some pictures of other exhibits:


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