Book Review- No Place like oz

Although this series has been going on for a bit now, I have decided to try to review most of the books in the Dorothy Must Die series, including the novellas.

I would definitely recommend reading this book before embarking on the Dorothy Must Die series, since the readers may be out of the loop, as I was, on what was going on. This novella answers the lingering question: How did Dorothy turn evil and why did she decide to stay in Oz after coming back a second time?, or at least that was the question I had before reading this book.

The main point of these novellas are to develop/ add on the making of rounded characters, rather than leaving them flat/static. In this case, we got a glance of Dorothy’s past, post-Oz (coming back after her first journey to Oz) and her journey to fulfill Glinda’s name aka her version of fighting evil.


To conclude, as I read this book a couple weeks ago, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series, and to those wondering, my two-three week absence was due to copious amounts of studying for finals.

-Nitya 🙂

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