summer teen fashion 2017.

Hey guys!

Summer is (almost) upon us, and as someone who considers herself as an avid beauty liker (I don’t know if it’s a thing BUT I’m making it), there are always trends that appear each season.



Embroidered Floral Jeans!! 

I’ve seen this trend creep onto really known brands (like Topshop) and I really dig it! Although these jeans can get expensive, there is always thrifting and DIY– ing the jeans (hint hint a future post!). 

These jeans are currently sold out at Nordstrom, but they were originally for $110.



Off/Open Shoulder tops/dresses!!

This trend got really popular during the spring time, but they will thrive on during the summer. I own an open shoulder top similair to the model in burgundy/magenta but in a more chunky, sweater style, which I find very comfortable and stylish. DIY-wise, I wouldn’t advise it because the shirts that need to be cut open for this look would most likely be of stretchy but doesn’t lose its form in the holes. 



Pastel Vans!!

Vans are the go to shoes for the teens around me, but one type of shoe that I kept seeing were the pastel collection of Vans. These vans can be paired with dresses, skirts, cuffed jeans, or shorts (basically anything). The pairs that I find really unique are the all pink vans (shown in one of the pictures above) and I’m planning on purchasing them!

Cost wise, they are just as much as the regular, popular Vans ($60).


I didn’t want to make this post super long, so I picked out my favorite trends along with the ones that I knew would/are pretty big. 

What are your favorite fashion trends?

So long,

  Nitya 🙂

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