summer bucket list​ 2017

Hi guys!

It’s official…I’m finally done with my first year in high school!! 

There are so many things I want to do this summer and cross off. 

Maybe this post will inspire some goals for you…


Go to the mall with my friends (and actually buy something)

I actually crossed this off my list yesterday, but I added it in as an excuse to show off my cool new kicks that I bought with MY own money!! Some of you may not know, but I don’t have an income or anything, but I did start getting an allowance, which I bought my shoes with. 


Go bowling with my family n friends

I’ve always put this on my list during the summer, but I never ended up doing it. This year, I want to change that. Also, I found a dope deal that included two free games at the place (i’m a sucker for those deals sorry-not-sorry!)


Learn new skills/practice soccer

Soccer is a sport I love, but I’m not as good as I want to be. To change that, I joined my city’s competitive soccer club! I’m excited to bond with girls from my school’s team and make new friends. 

soccer woman at tumblr


After a whole school year of feeling constantly put down on my writing (grade wise), I want to branch out and try out different forms of writing and see what really fits for me. It came to me as a surprise that my work was not as good as I thought it was, but I appreciate my teachers for showing that to me. 

Anyways, these are the types of writing I want to do:

  • Writing contests
  • A Wattpad story (maybe?)
  • Experiment blogging 

I’m using my blog as a platform to experiment with different types of writing/topics, which I really like!




I live in the magical San Francisco Bay Area, so going to San Francisco multiple times is definitely going on the list! I’ve got this new thing with museums, which SF is full of, so I plan to check out all or most of them!

Also, Southern California is on the list! I haven’t been to Universal Studios in Hollywood, so I’m hopin that for my brother’s birthday, we will go down there and check it out! 


cropped-n-i-t-y-a-s-b-l-o-g.pngAnd that concludes this post!

I really like using different colors in my post; do you like them?

Check out my last post: summer teen fashion 2017.

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7 thoughts on “summer bucket list​ 2017

  1. I just completed my first year of high school too, AND I made a summer bucket list. feel free to check it out if you want some more ideas. 😉

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