healthy vegan eats!

juuunk foood! I love it so much, but we all know it’s not that healthy 😦

Whether it’s the summer time or not, these recipes are some that I’ve made quite a few times and have loved!


Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes

These pancakes are perfect for breakfast (or lunch!) and, well, most things that say vegan are pretty healthy! Also there isn’t as much sugar as you think there would be in these pancakes.  Recipe


Vegan Mac n Cheese

Mac n Cheese is forever a comfort food, but perfect for picnics or just to make with friends/family.  Recipe

Vegan Crudite and Macademia Cheese

This recipe entails quite a bit of work, but the pay off is super delicious! Recipe 




And that concludes this post!


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Q: What’s your favorite vegan recipe?



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