personality tests- my thoughts

Hey guys,

Today my teacher showed us this website called 16 personalities, and it got me thinking about how we all say we are unique, but it can just so happen that there is a whole community of thinkers just like us.


I toke the test and as it turns out, I’m an advocate (INFJ). I guess it was pretty cool to know how my personality can be categorized as and how/where I can go from that in life.

So here is a question I have:

Can our personalities change over time?


Some people have told me that a person’s personality doesn’t just change; you are born with it. Others have told me the opposite.

The website is interesting and to me, it basically tells you what you could have been asking yourself for years ( “why am I like this?” ). Maybe it will help with overcoming weaknesses, or discovering parts of yourself that you didn’t know was there.


What are your thoughts on personality tests?






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3 thoughts on “personality tests- my thoughts

  1. Last time I took this test, I got INFJ too! (I was obsessed and made my whole family take it.) But now I’m not sure. So YES, I think personalities can definitely change over time!

    1. How so? I think that the constants in life if they change over period, might have an effect, but I’m not too sure. What do you think?

      1. I think all personalities change overtime. For some, that change might be really small while for others, it might be huge. Personally, it’s been the people in my life who have caused me to change the most. What about you?

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