what to pack for a road trip/hacks n tips

Hi guys,

This past weekend, my family and I toke a lovely 6-8 hour road trip down to LA, in Southern California. There were some things that worked for us and some things that didn’t. Maybe some of the items mentioned you probably didn’t think of…

  1. Bring Shampoo/Body Wash/Conditioner


Unless you are expecting a very posh esque type of hotel, most of the soap is, in my opinion, pretty much trash and doesn’t go well with my specific needs. For example, I have very long, thick, frizzy (if not tended to properly) hair, so I can’t make do with tiny bottles of soap that make my hair feel like it will come off.

2.  A gigantic water bottle


Traveling in the summer can result in, well, super hot weather, so it’s always safe to stock up on some water. What my family did was fill up most of the reusable water bottles that we had, placed them around the cup holders in the car, and filled up one gigantic water bottle (the one that is used for filtered water I think).

This came in very handy, money wise since we didn’t spend as much money on water that we would have.

3.  Bring your own food to amusement parks/in the car


If you are traveling on a budget, want to save time, or know that you will not really find anything remotely healthy, then packing your own food/snacks is the way to go! We packed two whole bags full of snacks for the trip, which caused us to save tons of time. Also, as vegetarians, there is not a whole lot of food that we can purchase.

For amusement parks, I found that packing our lunches proved very effective in saving time and salvaged our hunger without filling ourselves up with junk. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t eat any junk, but I’d rather eat unhealthy foods as snacks than a whole meal (that’s going to provide your for the rest of the day). We also in ate in super long lines, taking our minds off of the heat and, well, the line.



Okay that was a whole lot of writing!

Let me know of any other life hacks you have for road trips (or if you actually read this whole post lol)!

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