summer travels: SF art book fair 2017


A couple of weeks ago I was lurking, or rather “checking” Facebook, and I came across the SF Art Book Fair event.

So I went with a mission; a mission to find and gather a whole bunch of creativity like a search for water in the middle of a desert. I find that if I’m deprived of a whole lot of inspiration and exciting challenges, I am not my best self, which I would call is my “worse” self. (yeah, hopefully, that made some sort of sense).





Anyways, this event was basically a huge outlet for small creators to share their artistic expression. I think I was sort of mislead by the title of the event because I thought it was an art AND book fair; the thought of art being in books never crossed my mind.

Besides the point, I gained so much creative magic than I anticipated, making this trip worth it!



I had taken some pictures of the art I liked in the gallery, which was at the Minnesota Street Project.

We saw a lot of art, and while they were all inspirational, this next one really stuck out to me.


a very huuuge book “shelf”



La Bookshelf (not the actual name):



Most of this room’s wall is covered with various different books. When I first saw it, I was speechless.

It’s so simple, yet so beautiful.

I wanted to touch the art, as the books were sticking out, to feel the texture, but out of respect for the place/artist, I didn’t.






I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I liked writing it!

What are some of your favorite art pieces?

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Until next time, my fellow bloggers, travelers, art enthusiasts, and readers. 🙂



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