my favorite notebooks for school

Hi guys,

I. Am. A. Huge. Notebook. Junkie!

I have used relatively cheap ones and pretty high-end ones, and as a person who takes pretty extensive notes, I know a thing or two about notebooks.

So let’s get started!


This is the Mead 70 Count Wide Ruled Notebook, which I used for Algebra 1 last year. Since it’s wide ruled, it made it easier for me to draw diagrams and write fractions without taking much too many pages in the book.

You can find this in Target, Walmart, or any other store with a supplies section, as this brand is pretty big in the US.



This notebook, by Eccoloone, is one I’m super excited to try out, and here are some reasons why:

  • this book is wider than the regular composition book, making it more comfortable (for me)
  • the string is included, making it useful to pick up right when you left off
  • the cover is super motivating and is a hard cover so liquid spills won’t easily come through



This is the Black n’ Red Professional Notebook and my dad actually loves this brand, so with his high recommendations, I bought it.

The notebook is quite big, but the paper is thicker, so it’s great for pens that normally bleed through or if you want to get all creative and do notes like these:


Also, if you want a sleek type notebook, this is the one for you!


Lo and behold one the of the brands floating Target waiting for someone to buy!

“Notes” the Cambridge Edition is quite big and it’s cover feels very soft. I can’t really explain how it feels like because I’ve never seen a notebook with that type of material before.

The pages are unique in the sense they allow the user to just circle the dates rather than writing it, but there isn’t as much space for writing headers. I would say that this notebook is more on the expensive side.


Lastly, a classic, the 1 Subject, Wide Ruled Five Star notebook!

What makes this notebook unique:

  • The cover has a transparent cover on top (like the ones on binders) making it easy to store papers.
  • There are two additional pockets inside accompanied with a “title” page (class, teacher, whom the notebook belongs to)


Although I’m a little late to the game, I will be posting more back to school/stationary posts throughout the month!

cropped-n-i-t-y-a-s-b-l-o-g.png  I hope you liked this post (and notebooks) as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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