Sensory Poem- Comfort

Comfort is a baby pink, like a soothing blanket to a crying baby It sounds like slow, quiet voice or sounds It tastes like a honey-flavored confection, smooth and round It smells like vanilla and flowers It looks like helping and smiling It feels like a heart mending and warmness flooding through

Sensory Poem- “Anger”

Anger: Anger is a bright red, Like a ripe tomato exploding. It sounds like shouting and screaming For no reason. It smells like fiery smoke. It looks like slamming doors and Running away. It feels like crying and hitting everything That comes your way.


I’ve been working on poems in English and I thought why not share some with you guys?! May is when spring begins It starts getting more sunny Leaving winter negativity behind May is when love is truly in the air Girls and boys start realizing things They should have along May is when hatred is… Read More May